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Workbench PowerLift

Advanced workshop tables

Designed for professionals

Innovative lifting system and smooth height adjustment (manual or with a screwdriver) for optimal customization in standing or sitting positions.

Possibility to create linear workstations for multiple users and adapt to individual needs by modifying the type of tabletop, tool screen, handles, socket quantity, ports, and many other solutions. Contact us and choose the best solution.

Modułowe ekrany

Create better working conditions and increase your employees' satisfaction with the innovative Work Bench Power Lift series.

With the aim of improving your employees' health, reducing muscular, joint, and skeletal strain, and minimizing the risk of occupational diseases to increase work efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Possibility to create linear workstations for multiple users and adapt to individual needs.

Easy maintenance thanks to removable drawer and universal tool panel.

Retractable, swivel transport wheels in a safe housing.

Lighting control

LED lighting in an intelligent DALI control system with the possibility of expansion with presence and twilight sensors to reduce energy consumption in your company and adjust the lighting intensity to external conditions.

Workbench PowerLift stations can be part of a smart building. Integration with a BMS (Building Management System) will contribute to economical lighting management and control of the building's energy efficiency.

Be delighted with the everyday work and ease of use

Combining premium design and quality

Our tables are designed to achieve high durability and structural stability while giving a sense of lightness and dynamic form.

The use of innovative lifting mechanisms, high-quality materials, and precision in manufacturing ensure reliability and ease of use.

Designed and manufactured in Poland.

Industrial and utility design protected by law. KARNATECH - Workbench PowerLift is a registered Community Design in the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and a registered Utility Model in the Polish Patent Office.
Mechanical lifting
Tabletop height adjustment
Universal tool mounting systems
Retractable, swivel transport wheels
Intelligent lighting control
Pull-out waste drawer
Creating linear workstations
Recyclable materials
Customization options available


PowerLift Basic

Load capacity



PowerLift Concept

Load capacity


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