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Wokbench PowerLift 0.5 T


We present a new series of workshop tables called KARNATECH WORKBENCH POWERLIFT. Catering to the needs of professionals and the industry, we have designed advanced workstations that will undoubtedly meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. If you are looking for top-quality workshop tables for your business, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the WORKBENCH POWERLIFT tables.

Adjustable worktop height

The workbenches have an adjustable worktop height, allowing for it to be adapted to the user’s needs and the type of work being performed.

Universal tool mounting systems

The workbenches have modular screens that are adapted to universal tool mounting systems. This makes the tools easily accessible and well organized.

Hidden, swiveling transport wheels

The workbenches have hidden, swiveling transport wheels, which facilitates their movement in the space. The wheels are placed in a safe enclosure, which ensures stability and work safety.

Lighting control

The workbenches are equipped with lighting control, allowing for the adjustment of its intensity to the user’s needs.

Pull-out waste drawer

The workbenches are equipped with a pull-out waste drawer, which makes it easier to maintain order in the workplace.

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KARNATECH Wokbench PowerLift 0.5 T

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