We are pleased to inform you that we have implemented the project  “Design audit and design strategy as a step to improve the competitive position of Karnatech”,                 as part of Stage I of Measure 1.4 Model for Competition of the Operational Program Eastern Poland 2014-2020 Priority Axis I: Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland, application for co-financing no. POPW.01.04.00-18-0077/17-00.

Purpose of the project

The aim of the project is to conduct an audit and develop a design strategy in KARNATECH

Expected effects of the project

The expectations of KARNATECH related to the achievement of the project’s effects concern the acquisition of knowledge and recommendations necessary in the field of pattern design, proper pattern management, adaptation of the offer to market needs, and ultimately the introduction of new and competitive products on market.

Project value

Total expenses PLN 48 585.00
Eligible expenses PLN 39,500.00
Requested co-financing PLN 33,575.00

Co-financing percentage 85%