We are pleased to inform you that the company KARNATECH has been selected to carry out the project entitled “Increasing the competitiveness and innovation of KARNATECH Andrzej Karnat based on industrial design”. The company is equipped with new tools to increase its potential in the Polish and international markets.

The project is part of the Competitive Poland Eastern Poland Operational Program 2014-2020, Priority Axis I: Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland, funding application number POPW.01.04.00-18-0122/19-00.

The above EU program helps us reach a larger group of recipients and begin offering services that were previously unavailable. Thanks to the support of the European Regional Development Fund, we have acquired the necessary tools to improve the quality and expand the range of our products. The opportunity to participate in the project has presented new challenges, so we have developed goals that we would like to achieve through the program.

Project objective

The objective of the project for KARNATECH is primarily to increase the company’s profitability and enhance the competence of the workforce. Actions such as implementing their own products and strengthening the brand help to increase the potential of the enterprise. By utilizing design in their operations, they aim to stand out in the eastern part of Poland.

Internal audits play an additional role in the innovation process, helping to assess processes such as risk management, control, and organizational order.

The defined project goals will be achieved through the implementation of specific objectives, including:

These objectives will be directed at implementing recommended design actions and introducing product, process, organizational, and marketing innovations.

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